Build a More Just Future for the Youth of Richmond

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The Hive is a model for youth-centered, youth-led community development.

The Hive will be a thriving community, ultimately helping young people successfully transition into adulthood.

The Hive believes in human generosity that is grounded in racial, economic, and social justice.

It takes a village as we all know. In that village, we need individual generosity--locally, statewide, and nationally--to build and sustain this ecosystem we are creating. We can be a generation of abundance. Will you join this place?

All of our donors are pollinators, important to the health of our ecosystem. We're also looking for some honey bees, sustaining donors who can give an automatic, recurring donation. Please consider a weekly, monthly, or quarterly gift.

All of your generosity is felt and shared!


The Hive Department of Culture Works
Help expand our direct service program to reach more young adults in 2022

The Hive Concept Development Process
Help us create the architectural plans and financial model with our partners, Designing Justice Designing Spaces

The Hive Capacity Building
Help us sustain and grow our work by investing in our operations and administrative backbone

The Hive General Support
Help us be flexible to the needs of our young people by letting us decide where your investment is needed most


Ubuntu: "I am because we are." We value our ancestors and pathmakers of the past and present while nurturing our young. We understand that the health of the individual is related to the health of the community.

Sawabona: “I see you.” We see YOU. We value people in all our different aspects of the human experience.

Healing: We center the process of healing on our journey for liberation.

Collective Liberation: We nurture a holistic path and create tools and resources to set ourselves free.

Truth: We value the truth of all lived experiences.

Legacy: We value long-lasting, transformative change instead of restoring and sustaining inequitable, unjust systems that were not made to support the people most affected.

Integrity: We do what we say we are going to do. We uphold all of our values, at all times, and stand firm in doing what’s right. Period.


The Hive is a youth-centered community that holistically supports young people as they transition into adulthood.

Our model challenges conventional pathways through the juvenile justice and child welfare systems by engaging what we call legacy work, where helping emerging adults build their skills and healing practices enables them to be drivers of generational transformation.


We believe in a world where care, support, and healing replace criminalization, incarceration, and violence.

We are a Black-led, intergenerational, and multi-racial community that believes in a world where all young people feel like they belong and have the resources they need to become independent, healthy, and thriving adults.

We believe that tangible investments in the diverse needs of young people can reverse the intergenerational trauma caused by systemic racism and solve our community's most pressing issues.


Note: We have submitted our paperwork to the IRS for full 501c3 designation for The Hive. In the meantime, your donation is still 100% tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Virginia Community Capital.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trey Hartt, Managing Director, at

Not convinced? Hear directly from our Youth Advisory Board during the premiere of their work-in-progress play about The Hive titled, "Devising Justice for the Youth of Richmond." The full live stream can be viewed on our YouTube channel.